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Media Kit

The First Truly Scalable Form of Clean Baseload Power

Eavor’s solution (Eavor-Loop™) is an industrial scale energy generation system that mitigates or eliminates many of the issues that hinder other renewable forms of energy production. Eavor isn’t burdened with exploratory risk, limited to niche geographies, process intermittencies, grid connectivity or locating concerns. Much like a massive subsurface radiator an Eavor-Loop™ simply collects energy from the natural heat gradient of the Earth via a highly efficient conductive system.


Eavor is the Solution the World Has Been Waiting For

As a completely closed- loop system, we circulate a benign working fluid which is isolated from the environment and therefore is scalable globally without fracking, GHG emissions, earthquake risks, water use, produced brine or solids or aquifer contamination. Eavor-Loop™ produces much-needed reliable baseload power.

Our People

Our people make the difference. Visit our People page to learn more about our team.

Eavor-Lite™ Demonstration Project

The Eavor-Lite™ Demonstration Project is a full-scale prototype of the Eavor technology suite. The project site is located near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Drilling and construction began in August of 2019. Eavor-Lite™ consists of two vertical wells, joined by two multilateral legs at 2.4km depth, connected by a pipeline at surface. The rationale for this design, which is not intended to be commercially viable, is to build a project that proves and demonstrates all the critical elements of Eavor’s technologies at the lowest cost. This demonstration is designed to achieve the most efficient path to acceptance and commercialization of the technology by project developers and commercial financiers.

Demonstration project timeline

Operational ObjectivesTechnical Objectives
Phase 1 - Drilling ✓Drill and intersect a multilateral Eavor-Loop™ with two laterals ✓
Phase 2 - Surface Pipeline & Facilities ✓Seal the Eavor-Loop™ while drilling ✓
Phase 3 - Testing ✓Validate the thermodynamic performance and demonstrate thermosiphon ✓

The Eavor-Lite™ Demonstration is designed to achieve the following three technical objectives:

  • Drill and intersect a multi-lateral Eavor-LoopTM with 2 lateral wellbores from each vertical wellbore
    • Intersect wellbores/mechanically confirm intersect
  • Seal lateral openhole wellbores while drilling
    • Pressure test
    • Maintain circulation rate with negligible leak rate
    • Maintain low solids production
  • Validate thermodynamic performance and demonstrate thermosiphon effect
    • Match or exceed thermodynamic model performance
    • Demonstrate thermosiphon control and operation
    • Achieve >90% uptime

Eavor-Loop™ Basics

Eavor's Technology consists of patented and standard technologies combined in a highly engineered innovative manner to provide uninterrupted heat and power. To learn more about the Eavor-Loop™, visit our Eavor-Loop™ Basics page

Eavor-Loop Basics

Transforming the Power Industry

Eavor’s technology consists of several Patent Pending innovations. An EavorLoop™ is the connection of two vertical wells with many horizontal multi lateral wellbores creating a closed buried-pipe system. Eavor’s proprietary working fluid is not from a reservoir, it is selected and added at surface, then circulated to harvest heat from deep in the earth to be used to generate electricity or in commercial heating/cooling applications.

Changing the World ForEavor

Eavor is a technology-based Energy company dedicated to creating a clean, reliable and affordable energy future on a global scale. Eavor-Loop™ transforms the world's energy stack, addresses climate change and provides socioeconomic balances: clean, scalable, resilient baseload power for everyone, for Eavor.

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