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North America

Neil Ethier

Neil Ethier is an APEGA registered Professional Geophysicist, and Chartered Financial Analyst level 3 candidate with over 20 years of international experience in the oil and gas sector. Neil has global expertise in strategic business development, with a technical focus. He brings an enhanced intercultural perspective, honed from living on three continents and analyzing and evaluating assets in over 50 countries and 100 basins. Neil holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours Geophysics) degree from the University of Alberta, where he was awarded the APEGA Gold Medal for the highest academic standing in the Geophysics program. - Linkedin

Neil Ethier

Australia / New Zealand

Ewa Ginal-Cumblidge

Ewa (‘Ever’)  Ginal-Cumblidge is an energy and resources business development professional with a background in geoscience and over twenty years of experience in the government and natural resources sectors in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Her government roles in Poland, and more recently in New Zealand, were focused on overseas investment attraction into the natural resources sector. Between government stints she spent ten years in petroleum and mining services as a sales and business development manager with Fugro Robertson (UK), Fugro Multi Client Services, TGS and Wireline Services Group in Australia. Ewa is a people person with a vast network of contacts and extensive experience working across regions, cultures and in diverse environments. Ewa speaks four languages and holds a MSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Warsaw, a Graduate Certificate in Management from the Australian Institute of Business as well as an Executive Ready qualification from the Women & Leadership Institute of Australia. - Linkedin



James Heatherington

James Heatherington brings over 25 years of international energy experience in engineering, sales and entrepreneurship. Starting with a B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering, he has excelled in consulting and field operations first onshore with the Evaluators in Alberta and then offshore with the Japan Drilling Company. With IHS Energy in Tokyo, he drove sales and consulting to clients across APAC; managing teams and leading projects to help international oil/gas and energy companies and government with their daily workflows and to solve intractable issues. Project types included country entry, LNG, exploration, development, M&A, geopolitical and energy economics. James is a long-term Yokohama resident. - Linkedin

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James Jackson

James Jackson is an energy sector sales veteran who brings over 32 years very successful multi-industry level experience. Mr. Jackson has been responsible for many sales teams that overcame incredible challenges to deliver far beyond revenue goals. Most recently, Mr. Jackson serves as a strategic sales consultant with Shell New Energies focusing on developing projects for key clients seeking energy security and resilience. Mr. Jackson also serves as Chairman of the Board at the Clean Energy Business Network. Prior to this role, Mr. Jackson served as Chief Business Development Officer with Thermal Energy Partners (TEP), a geothermal development company. Prior to joining TEP, Mr. Jackson was Founder of Emergent Global Security, a firm that delivers energy security solutions to critical infrastructure clients worldwide. Prior to Emergent, Mr. Jackson was a Regional Vice President at Dell Inc. (formerly InSite One), where he led a Channel-sales team. Mr. Jackson is also a Gulf War Veteran and served as a U.S. Navy SEAL for 11 years. - Linkedin

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Hans Kol

Hans Kol brings 35 years of experience with international oil and gas operations, engineering and projects. He holds a Msc in petroleum engineering degree from Delft University in the Netherlands. He started out in drilling and moved via production operations to reservoir engineering, before becoming leader of multi-discipline project teams for many significant development projects ranging from; the Moxa Arch deep tight gas development for Amoco in Wyoming, redevelopment of the Valhall field for Amoco in Norway, to the development of gas storage fields in The Netherlands for BP and TAQA. Prior to saying good-bye to the oil and gas industry he was technical and operational director for TAQA Energy in the Netherlands. Since then he has shifted his interest to renewable energy and the energy transition. - Linkedin

Hans Kol


Wouter Kool

Wouter Kool spent over 30 years in the oil & gas service industry in technical, consulting and Business Development roles working in highly varied environments, in small teams, his own company and with large companies like Halliburton mainly working in the Middle East, Magreb region and European markets. During his term with ION Geophysical Inc. Wouter gained considerable experience through organizing multi-client seismic programs in politically complex areas (Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean, Iraq). Collaborating with oil industry top executives, governments and scientific institutions resulted in a significant number of multimillion-dollar contracts providing game changing solutions that improved the regional exploration success rates of the customers. Through his role with Eavor he now contributes a wealth of business development expertise to the team. Wouter is passionate about the global energy transition away from hydrocarbons which is reflected by his lifestyle, maintaining a small holding using sustainable methods and renewable energy in Umbria, Italy where he is based. He speaks six languages and holds a degree in Geology and Hydrology from the University of Amsterdam. - Linkedin

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Horst Kreuter

Dr. Horst Kreuter is a geologist and civil engineer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and University of Texas at Austin) with 20 years of experience in geothermal energy in Germany and worldwide. Being one of the founders of the first geothermal development company in Germany (founded 1999), he is since then involved in the development of geothermal projects for his own company as well as a consultant for developers, communities, utilities and renewable energy institutions. In this role and also as a former board member of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) and the German Geothermal Association (BVG) he was and is involved in the promotion of geothermal energy in all levels of politics and society. He is also engaged in numerous research projects on the German and international level. He has worked as a consultant to the World Bank. - Linkedin

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Paul Sharpe

Paul Sharpe is a 31 year veteran in the intellectual property profession. His broad experience in all areas of technology and transactional activity benefits his clients in the design, development and monetization of their portfolios.
He is recognized as a portfolio architect by clients and has been called upon many times to analyze patent portfolios for unrealized opportunities and create strategies for clients to capitalize on those opportunities though acquisition, licensing, merger, joint venture, tactical filing and design alternatives.
With a vast global network of associates, he has been involved in complex patent challenges, litigation and hearings in numerous countries.
Paul holds a degree in chemistry from Carleton University and is licensed to practise before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent Office to represent clients in all patent matters. He has served on the Board of Patent Agent Examiners before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and as primary patent counsel and Director on the board of Directors for Karnalyte Resources pre and post of the initial public offering.
Paul was the intellectual property advisor to the Colt companies prior to the 1.13 $B acquisition by Worley Parsons. - Linkedin

Paul Sharpe


Ryan Tan

Ryan is an Econometrics and Quantitative Economics graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. He maintains a range of interests in subjects from Game Theory & Behavioral Finance to Natural Resource Economics while seeking to learn more about renewable energy markets. As a homegrown local who was awarded the Sword of Honour from the Singapore Police Force, he brings a local expertise of Singapore to the team and seeks to expand Eavor to international territories in Southeast Asia. - Linkedin

Ryan Tan

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