Build with us.

Eavor is a technology licensing company.

Eavor helps project developers build their own Eavor-Loops™ by providing the technical expertise and know how to make an initial assessment of the viability and economics of building an Eavor-Loop™ in your geographic location. Eavor will partner with local project developers who wish to construct Eavor-Loops™ for heat and/or power generation, bringing our patented know how to design and build these Eavor-Loop™ projects.

Eavor is available to assist project developers at every step along the way, including in determining project siting, designing projects to meet required output specifications, recommending service providers to construct the Eavor-Loop™ and vendors for equipment, and, if necessary, managing or co-managing the construction. The level of involvement of Eavor is dependent on the needs of our project developers. Eavor may also participate as an equity partner in Eavor-Loop™ projects when desired by project developers.

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